Doss Visual Solution Visual Inspections SystemsDoss Visual Solution Visual Inspections SystemsDoss Visual Solution Visual Inspections Systems

Visual inspections systems: what they are

We design and manufacture innovative visual inspection systems capable of adapting to various production needs in terms of materials to be inspected, defects to be identified, sorting times, and logistical requirements.

  1. Items are loaded into a hopper or other loading system and conveyed individually onto the inspection table.
  2. Images are captured using cameras and lighting setups.

  3. The acquired images are analyzed using software based on processing algorithms.

  4. Defective parts are separated from non-defective parts.

    It is possible to detect different types of defects so that the parts can be separated based on the type of non-conformity identified.

Schema di funzionamento Sistema di un Ispezione Visiva
  1. Feeding system

    Parts are loaded into the machine by the loading systems.

  2. Inspection units

    Parts pass throught various units (superficial, peripheral or laser station) by rotating table, or belts, or pick & place system.

  3. Software elaboration

    Software inspects the images of the parts taken by the inspection units.

  4. Separation of Parts

    The compliant parts are separated from the non-compliant parts and placed in specific boxes or in a packaging system.

Visual inspection systems: why use them

Visual inspection systems offer a state-of-the-art solution that will provide extraordinary support in your company's growth.

  • Reliable and repeatable inspections

    Inspection systems identify defects or imperfections with repeatable and reliable results.

  • Reduction in production lead times

    Inspection systems process large quantities of parts quickly, reducing the time it takes to perform quality control.

  • Versatility
    of settings

    Ability to detect various types of defects or imperfections according to the requirements of the product or production.

  • Improvement in the production process

    Visual inspection systems monitor product quality in real-time, making it possible to identify potential production issues and take timely measures to resolve them, resulting in an improvement in the efficiency and quality of the production process.

  • Improvement in work quality

    Automation of the process reduces the need for manual sorting, thus improving production efficiency and work quality and allowing operators to focus on more gratifying tasks.

  • Addressing the labor shortage

    The use of automated machines helps to compensate for the lack of skilled labor.

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