DOSS: Innovation, teamwork, and a passion for technologyDOSS: Innovation, teamwork, and a passion for technologyDOSS: Innovation, teamwork, and a passion for technology

Doss. Quality Matters.

Innovation, teamwork, and a passion for technology.

DOSS in the World: our numbers

We have over 1,000 visual inspection systems installed worldwide and perform more then 1,300 on-site maintenance interventions annually.

28 Years on the market
3 Locations worldwide
50+ Employees
20+ Agents worldwide and international assistance
4K mq HQ, Production and Show Room
200+ Clients worldwide
MondoSistemi di Ispezione Visiva nel Mondo

Service Center
& Showroom

& Production
Erbusco (BS)

Service Center
& Showroom

Our values

A company's identity is the common thread that connects the past (what it has accomplished) and the future (the objectives it intends to achieve). Doss aims to be a leading player in both the national and international markets, continuing to invest in technological innovation and its own team.

These are the values that guide our strategic and operational decisions every day.

Continuous innovation

Innovation guides every aspect of our company.
We are completely focused on addressing the market's needs with cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships.


Teamwork is fundamental to a successful project. Our team is made up of highly qualified professionals who put their knowledge, skills, and experience at your service, with extraordinary results.


We believe that collaborating with partners in the technology and it sectors is essential to the development of consistently cutting-edge solutions that are capable of rising to the new challenges that the market is constantly subject to.


Cutting-edge technology, innovation, and professionalism are the building blocks of doss visual solution's dna. It’s in these core values that we continue to invest in order to shape our future, a future increasingly characterized by collaboration with our clients, whom we view as strategic partners in the design and development of high performance solutions.

Internal technical
& feasibility office

  • A dedicated team of technical experts who work closely with clients to fully understand their specific needs.
  • Feasibility studies and innovative projects to ensure excellent results, also through collaboration with strategic partners and suppliers.
  • Continuous support throughout the machinery’s entire life-cycle.

& modular solutions

  • Our machines are the product of internal expertise, over a decade of experience working with clients, suppliers, and partners, and constant analysis of the quality and performance demanded by the market.
  • A combination of proven solutions and the flexibility guaranteed by our modular approach, allows us to optimize design and production times while guaranteeing a strong focus on each customer/product’s unique characteristics.

Remote assistance
& global support

  • Operational continuity is one of the pillars of our clients’ success. That’s why our qualified engineers and technicians work closely with you, either on-site or remotely, providing dedicated assistance and maintenance services in 60 countries and across 3 continents.
  • Better safe than sorry… with our flexible solutions, you can choose the maintenance package that best suits your needs, ranging from basic options to comprehensive solutions.

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