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4000 m2
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Research, development and innovation have always been part of Doss Visual Solution’s DNA, and we continue to invest in them to build our future. A future that we imagine more and more in the name of collaboration with our customers, considered by us as our true partners, to continue to offer the best solutions in the industry. All this by implementing an increasingly precise and transparent communication strategy, on which to base not only strategic partnerships but real relationships based on reliability and trust.


For over twenty years, we at Doss Visual Solution have been working closely with customers to offer increasingly innovative and customized solutions in the field of quality control and optical inspection.

Passion and professionalism are the two drivers that have allow DVS to become one of the top leaders in the sector worldwide.

Our history

Over time, Doss Visual Solution has specialized in the quality control sector and today is one of the leading manufacturers of optical inspection machines in the world.


Doss was born


Doss first automatic sorting machine was launched


Doss software was developed


Doss created the first inspection machine for large gaskets


Doss squeezer®. First in the world


Re-branding: Doss Visual Solution


Birth of Zehn, founder of the new DVS automatic inspection machines. DVS USA and DVS Taiwan are founded


DVS introduces the new Deep Learning and Multishot technologies

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Research and development are part of Doss Visual Solution’s DNA, and on them we build our future. That’s why we have set up a team dedicated to the design of new hardware and software solutions capable of responding to the growing demands of customers and the requirements of their respective industrial sectors.

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