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DS PRO is the latest generation automatic visual inspection system that takes advantage of artificial intelligence to identify defects.

  • Improved quality of acquired images
  • Enhanced visibility of specific defects
  • 360° coverage of the inspected area
  • Extremely easy to use
Latest generation automatic visual inspection system DS PRO Fashion


  • Flatness
  • Profile for detecting flashes and incomplete fills
  • Dimensional
  • External and internal surfaces
  • Presence of cuts, fractures, and bubbles

Standard equipment

  • 7-view peripheral
  • Multi-shot
  • Top Surface Station
  • Bottom Surface Station (through glass)
  • Barrel Laser
  • Up to 4 supported inspection stations
  • 2 exits for non-conformities
  • Feed system with elevator and loading conveyor belt
  • Various packaging options available
  • Various feed systems to choose from


  • Radial station
  • Telecentric lens
  • Pin-Hole optics


An automatic single-table inspection machine, pioneer of Doss Visual Solution’s new generation of artificial vision systems.

Thanks to the use of special anti-reflective technical glass, the quality of images captured by the cameras above and below is the same.

The fully automatic lens-changing system provides the benefits of fixed-field optics and the flexibility of multiple framed fields.

The automatic lifting system that all stations are equipped with allows for quick cleaning or replacement of the table. A webcam is available to assist with remote support.

  • Statistics and reports
  • Batch traceability
  • Remote management
  • Interacts with management software (M.E.S.)
DS PRO Fashion Functions
  1. Feeding system

    Parts are loaded into the machine by the loading systems.

  2. Inspection units

    Parts pass throught various units (superficial, peripheral or laser station) by rotating table, or belts, or pick & place system.

  3. Software elaboration

    Software inspects the images of the parts taken by the inspection units.

  4. Parts Rejection

    If defect are detected parts will be rejected.

  5. ‘Good’ part collection

    If partes pass all controlled parameters, they will be collected in ‘good’ bin or packing system.

Technical characteristics


Type of Parts Elastomers, rigid materials
Color All, not transparent
Parts Inspected O-rings, technical parts
Characteristics Clean, free of dust that could alter the part’s surface
Size 5 – 80 mm OD
Chord/Height 0.8 – 15 mm
0.8 – 30 mm (customizable settings)


Resolution Depends on the configuration
Lenses Automatically interchangeable
Type of Camera Matrix
Maximum Framed Field Can be automatically selected from:
(A) 30 mm, (B) 60 mm, (C) 80 mm
Camera Resolution Up to 5 µm


Speed Up to 14 pts/s
Load Automatic
Type of Machine Single-table
Noise Level < 75 ㏈
Three-Phase Power Supply 230 – 480 v
Maximum Installed Power 4 Kw
Average Consumption 1 Kw
Compressed Air Consumption 200 NL/Min


DS PRO Fashion Size

    DS PRO accommodates 3 fixed lenses that are automatically interchangeable via the Revolver feature. Due to their nature, fixed lenses provide better image quality as compared to zoom lenses.


    The multi-shot acquisition feature allows each camera to capture multiple images of the same part, each under different lighting conditions.


    The inspection of the part’s peripheral surface is carried out via a peripheral station with 7 cameras, ensuring total coverage of the internal or external inspection area.


    Human involvement is kept to a minimum as changes in components, stations, and setup are managed entirely by automation of the software.

  • Managed by less experienced operators

    Operator involvement is limited to loading and unloading of parts.


    Each cleaning operation can take up to 30 minutes less thanks to the stations’ automatic lifting system, managed directly from the operator control panel.


    Takes advantage of artificial intelligence to identify certain defects.


    Thanks to webcams present within the body of the machine.


    The performance of DS PRO can also be monitored from the office using the industrial tablet.

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