Inspection without limits

DS MAX is dedicated to the visual inspection of large parts thanks to a manipulator robot that handles the movement and positioning of the parts.

  • Inspection of unique parts
  • Integrated DS MIND
  • Optimized production process
  • Integration with HPC supercomputers
Single-table Visual Inspection System DS MAX Industrial


  • Profile for detecting flashes and incomplete fills
  • Dimensional
  • External and internal surfaces
  • Presence of cuts, fractures, or bubbles

Standard equipment

  • Color cameras
  • Dimensional measurement station
  • 5 surface inspection station
  • DOSS standard elevator loading system


  • Multishot
  • Screw loading system
  • Packaging machine


DS MAX enables the visual inspection of parts that are too large for glass tables to manage, thanks to a manipulator robot that handles the movement of the parts. DS MAX is the first inspection machine that seamlessly integrates the new DS MIND operating system, allowing you to leap into the future and providing an opportunity to revolutionize your production system.

Through the loading system, the parts are placed in an orderly manner on a conveyor belt, from which the robotic gripping system picks them up one by one and transports them inside the machine. There, the dimensional measurement is carried out first, after which, using a pulley system, the pieces are tensioned and rotated in preparation for the surface inspection. Finally they are sorted into good and defective parts.

  • Statistics and reports
  • Batch traceability
  • Remote management
  • Interacts with management software (M.E.S.)
DS MAX Industry Functions
  1. Feeding system

    Parts are loaded into the machine by the loading systems.

  2. Inspection units

    Parts pass throught various units (superficial, peripheral or laser station) by rotating table, or belts, or pick & place system.

  3. Software elaboration

    Software inspects the images of the parts taken by the inspection units.

  4. Parts Rejection

    If defect are detected parts will be rejected.

  5. ‘Good’ part collection

    If partes pass all controlled parameters, they will be collected in ‘good’ bin or packing system.

Technical characteristics


Type of Parts Inspection of larger parts as compared to those in the range of tabletop machines
Color All, not transparent
Minimum diameter 70 mm
Maximum diameter 200 mm
Minimum height Chord 1 mm
Maximum height Chord 6 mm


Camera Resolution 2.3 (superficial) and 12.3 (dimensional)
Type of field Fixed
Framed field 45 mm
Color or B/W Color


Maximum number of view stations 2
N. part exits 2 good / 2 defective
Inspection time 3 seconds per part
Type of part exit Shoot and/or belt


Dimensioni Micro Industrial
  • Inspection of unique parts

    DS MAX allows for precision analysis of larger and even more complex items. This significantly expands the possibilities of visual inspection, guaranteeing accurate quality control of a wide range of products.

  • Integrated

    Integration of artificial intelligence algorithms for the automatic identification of certain types of defects, reduction in setup operations, and acceleration of machine startup.

  • Optimized production process

    Integration with factory systems to provide valuable information that optimizes the entire production process with a focus on continuous improvement.

  • Integration with HPC supercomputers

    Ready to be integrated with HPC supercomputers in order to stay up-to-date with emerging new technologies.

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