Optical measurement tool (2D and thickness) for O-rings and technical components.

Macchina di Laboratorio dLab3


  • Dimensional
  • External and internal surfaces


The tool consists of a surface inspection and 2D measurement unit, as well as a laser thickness measurement unit. The operator manually positions the samples to be inspected under the camera, which, thanks to a telecentric lens, captures images without any distortion. The camera also captures an image that is then processed using a tool for detecting surface defects.

The laser unit performs a scan as it moves over the parts and subsequently calculates their respective thicknesses. Data from both inspection units (dimensional and superficial for the 2D, thickness for the laser) is transferred to the computer and made available to the operator through a graphic interface.

  • Statistics and reports
  • Batch traceability
  • Remote management
  • Interacts with management software (M.E.S.)

Technical characteristics


Type of Parts Elastomers, rigid materials
Color All, not transparent
Parts Inspected O-rings, technical parts
Characteristics Clean, free of dust that could alter the part’s surface
Size 2 mm ID – 200 mm OD
Chord/Height 1 – 50 mm


Resolution 0.08 mm/pixel
Framed Field 5 MP 210 mm
Camera Resolution 9 MP


Cycle Time 1 pts/s (camera) 24 s (laser)
Repeatability ± 0.013 mm
Temperature N/A
Accuracy ± 0.027 mm
Single-Phase Power Supply Voltage 230 v – 50 Hz
Maximum Installed Power 0.5 Kw
Degree of Electrical Protection IP 44
Average Consumption 0.02 Kw


Resolution (A) 0.5 mm, (B) 1.5 mm
Framed Field (A) 0.1 mm – 8 mm, (B) 0.1 mm – 16 mm
Measurement Increments 0.01 mm
Linearity (A) 8 mm, (B) 16 mm


dLab3 Size

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