dLab 0

Optical measuring instrument for O-rings and technical parts.

The instrument consists of an electronic scale, and an automatic beaker positioning.
The data is visualized on the PC and memorized in the dedicated database (PC is not included).

Technical specifications
Type Elastomers, rigid materials
Colour All
Typical piece O-ring, tech. parts
Characteristics Clean, free of dust or particles that may alter the part’s profile
Max weight 120 g
Size Maximum 100 cc (volume)
500 ml x Ø 80 mm (beaker dimension)
Cross section/height N/A
Cycle time 30 s/pz
Repeatability 0.01 g
Accuracy NA
Working temperature +5 °C – +40 °C
Single phase power supply 230 v – 50 Hz
Max installed power 0.1 Kw
Electrical protection IP 44
Average consumption 0.02 Kw

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