dLab 1

Optical measuring instrument for O-rings and technical parts.

The instrument consists of a measuring system, a glass table and a telecentric lens. The operator places the part manually on a translucent glass table.

The HD camera, thanks to a telecentric lens, acquires the images without any distortion. The data related to this image is transferred and available to the operator thanks to a graphical interface.

Technical specifications
Type Elastomers, rigid materials
Colour All, non-transparent
Typical piece O-ring, tech. parts
Characteristics Clean, free of dust or particles that may alter the part’s profile
Max weight N/A
Size 1 mm ID – 124 mm OD
Cross section/Height 0.5 – 30 mm
Resolution 0.064 mm/pixel
Frame field 130 mm
Camera resolution 5 MP
Cycle time 1 pz/s
Repeatability ± 0.01 mm
Accuracy ± 0.021 mm
Working temperature NA
Single phase power supply 230 v – 50 Hz
Max installed power 0.5 Kw
Electrical protection IP 44
Average consumption 0.02 Kw

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