DOSS ROBOTICS: For Safer Handling

DOSS ROBOTICS offers integrated robotic automation with vision control for the automation of both visual inspections and handling of parts within the production process.

Thanks to DOSS ROBOTICS, manual loading of articles into a hopper or loading system is no longer necessary. Our robot can retrieve parts directly from your machine and transfer them to the inspection station, where they undergo detailed analysis, guaranteeing meticulous quality control of each part's entire surface. This automated solution reduces manual labor and ensures consistent and repeatable quality control.

The parts that pass our inspections can then be arranged in an organized manner instead of being deposited in specific containers.

  • Handling of Complex Parts: Thanks to its ability to manipulate and handle uniquely shaped and/or large-sized parts, Doss Robotics adapts to the needs of the most complex production processes.
  • Integration With Clients' Machines: We can tailor solutions that integrate our system with your machine, enabling the retrieval of manufactured parts without the need for human involvement. This not only enhances the quality control of the production process, but also improves operator safety.
  • Flexibility and Compact Design: DOSS ROBOTICS is designed to occupy minimal space, providing maximum flexibility in terms of its placement within the production environment.

Come take a sneak peak at DOSS ROBOTICS! We'll be expecting you at PLAST 2023: Pavilion 11, Lane A, Stand 31.

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