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The patented piece system developed by doss visual solution.
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Squeezer station

This accessory expands the inspection performance of the machine as it shows the defects, which otherwise invisible, when the piece is squeezed mechanically. This system is suitable for o-rings and other kind of circular pieces as well. Squeezer is available on dSort2 and dSort3.
Type elastomers
Colour All, non-transparent
Typical piece o-ring, tech. part with circular shape
Characteristics clean, free of dust or particles that may alter the part's profile
Size (a) 5 mm id - 30 mm od
(b) 5 mm id - 50 mm od
Cross section/height 1.5 - 8 mm
Resolution (a) 0.036 mm/pixel
(b) 0.061 mm/pixel
Zoom 6x
Camera type matricial
Max frame field* (a) 90 mm
(b) 15 mm
Camera resolution 5 megapixel
Cycle time up to 3.2 pcs/sec
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