Research, development, and innovation have always been part of Doss Visual Solution's DNA, and we continue to invest in them to build our future. A future that we envision increasingly focused on collaboration with our customers, whom we consider as our true partners, to continue offering the best solutions in the industry. All of this is achieved by implementing a communication strategy that is ever more precise and transparent, on which we base not only strategic partnerships but also genuine relationships built on reliability and trust.


For over twenty years, we at Doss Visual Solution have worked closely with our clients to offer increasingly innovative and customized solutions in the field of quality control and optical inspection. Passion and professionalism are the two driving forces that have allowed DVS to become one of the top leaders in the industry on a global scale.

The Management at DVS considers quality management as the cornerstone of its entrepreneurial strategy, firmly believing that it can provide significant contributions to business development, cost and risk management, continuous improvement of customer and staff satisfaction. Furthermore, it sees it as the path leading to the implementation of the company's policies and the achievement of the following specified objectives:

  • Compliance with current laws and regulations.
  • Empowerment of all staff regarding the quality of their work and the need to pursue continuous improvement of the Quality Management System by fulfilling explicit and implicit requirements of customers and stakeholders.
  • Accountability of Function Managers to ensure the application of the Quality Policy and the maintenance of the Quality Management System in full efficiency.
  • Optimization of the supplier network, through performance evaluation and selection of products, materials, and equipment.
  • Efficiency of processes and related products.
  • Proper assessment and management of risks.
  • Prompt responsiveness to customer orders.
  • Priority in seeking components that guarantee high performance, safety, and reliability.
  • Focus on defect prevention rather than post-correction.
  • Provision of technical assistance to customers.
  • Continuous growth through targeted investments and organizational improvement.
  • Planning of staff training for all functions and levels, raising awareness of risks associated with their roles and activities.
  • Promotion of teamwork to enhance collaboration, communication, relationships, and motivation.
  • Accurate compilation and storage of quality records, which provide objective evidence of the offered product.
  • Definition of objectives/targets for company functions to verify the adequacy and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.
  • Emphasis on flexibility, adaptability, speed, and capability to meet any customer production requests.

For all of the above, the Management commits to taking an active role in promoting and guiding all activities that influence quality, understood as Customer and stakeholder satisfaction, by disseminating these concepts at all levels and verifying the achieved results.

The responsibility for the implementation and measurement of the above is assigned to the Function Managers. They must coordinate existing resources within their departments, including, where applicable, external personnel working in the company, to ensure that their respective activities are carried out in accordance with the prescriptions of the Quality Management System.

The Management commits to complying with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and to disseminating its principles within the company through the communication of this Quality Policy.

Based on the above, the Management is dedicated to promoting all activities that influence quality, as understood in terms of Customer Satisfaction, through the dissemination of these concepts at all levels, monitoring processes and risk assessment, and verifying the achieved results.

It is essential, therefore, to ensure the quality of what we produce through continuous improvement to strive for and achieve the primary goal of product and service quality.

The president
Cesare Finazzi

Last upgrade: 28/04/2023

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