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Vision has no more limits

Products such as complicated rubber moldings, silicone parts in medical device, or customized and specific products are all vulnerable in the manufacturing stage to imperfections.

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Zehn. User friendly interface.

Zehn, top of the range of our quality control machines, is equipped with a user friendly operator interface designed to control the machine in a simple and intuitive way.

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Service Center and Showroom USA

Our USA Service Center and Showroom is ready to constantly support you for every need. Doss, ever closer to you.

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Pharm division

Product inspection has never been more paramount to ensure quality, compliant components such as plungers & stoppers to the pharmaceutical industry.

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Doss Applications

Doss is the reference partner in every sector that requires extreme precision in visual inspection. Test Us!

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What makes us different? Today we want to talk about #deeplearning!

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Here we are! Restart

Here we are! Restart with new projects, new ideas and full of energy!! Let’s goo!!!!

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Our top of the range: Zehn

Today we want to talk about our top of the range in quality control machines. The result of 20 years of investment in R&D and synthesis of all Doss: ZEHN technology. We will take you to discover its countless features and functions!

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The innovative systems

The innovative systems, the result of over 20 years of investment in R&D, combined with the revolutionary #multishot and #deeplearning technologies make Doss the leading company in optical systems for quality control. A more precise vision? Impossible. Test us !!

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